2x Fiber to Ethernet Converter Boards ROV/AUV

2x Fiber to Ethernet Converter Boards ROV/AUV

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10/100/1000M Copper to 1000Base-X Fiber

This bare PCB converts CAT 5 Ethernet signals from the RJ-45 port to signals compatible with single mode SFP transceivers and vice versa. By using this media converter, copper Ethernet signals can be extended up to 20km depending on the SFP transceiver used (a much larger distance than the 100 meters limit for copper Ethernet signals). 

Technical Data

Voltage: 5V

Max Current: 1A

Fiber Mode: Single-mode optical fiber (SMF)
Compatible Modules: 1000Base-X SFP transceivers 
Compatible Module Type: Bidirectional 
Gigabit Speed: 1 Gb/s, 100 Mb/s, and 10Mb/s

Fiber Wavelength: 1310 nm and 1550 nm optical fiber
Range: Up to 20km 


  • 2x Fiber to Ethernet Converters